Our Team


Bob Hochwalt

A graduate of Bowling Green University with a degree in business and focus on marketing, Robert Hochwalt has 29+ years of experience with acquisitions, product development and marketing contracts.  He bought his first company in 1989 and has been an active entrepreneur ever since, having personally owned and operated five business entities, ranging from technology to real estate.  Hochwalt’s diverse personal and professional experience gives him the kind of unique perspective vital for avoiding pitfalls and maximizing business opportunities.

Email: rhochwalt@provestinc.com
Mobile: (937) 271-9013

Aaron Delidow

Aaron Delidow is a graduate of Michigan State University’s School of Business and holds a Finance degree.  Delidow is known for being a well-rounded executive and has 30+ years of hands-on, practical experience in management, finance, operations, sales and marketing.  He began his career as an auditor for a national drug store chain focusing on mergers and acquisitions.  Delidow’s experience includes effecting the close of multi-year 7 and 8-figure contracts.  He has also consistently achieved P&L objectives within budget and gainfully concluded hundreds of mergers and acquisitions.  Naturally inquisitive, Delidow employs instinct and analytical skills to secure the desired results for his clients.

Email: adelidow@provestinc.com
Mobile: (937) 232-7439