About Us

Our History

Provest Inc was founded by Robert Hochwalt in 1989 as an acquisition/holding company for its principals.  Between 1989 and 2000, Provest completed multiple acquisitions and repositioned these purchases into various business entities to increase both earnings and sustainability.  It was also during this period that the principals, working with then advisor Aaron Delidow, developed an effective process that could be applied to virtually any business.

In 2005, Hochwalt and Delidow began conversations to re-tool Provest transform it into a full service business brokerage in order to apply their skills and knowledge on the open market.  By September 2005, Provest was reborn with Delidow buying in as a partner.

Provest Inc Today

It has always been our mission to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams of business ownership.  Whether it is the initial analysis of the operational and financial condition of an entity or facilitating the legal requirements of a successful transfer, Provest provides a turn-key, guided experience for both buyers and sellers alike.

Provest begins the engagement by completing the due diligence necessary to assess the capacity and viability of completing an acquisition.  The process includes performing a walk through, assessment and in-depth valuation of the business in order to accurately determine market value.

Additionally, Provest works alongside a business owner to ready a company for sale.  This includes such factors as working with business owners to document processes, cleaning up the financials, evaluating the organizational structure and, if necessary, hiring and installing the appropriate management team to ensure transferability of operation.

In order to accurately determine the appropriate allocation and application of funds, minimize taxes, and preserve business integrity, Provest works with the parties to negotiate and structure an acquisition/exit.  We also work with our client’s professionals and our own team of financial institutions, CPAs, corporate attorneys and financial advisors during this process.

Together Aaron Delidow and Bob Hochwalt represent 50+ years of M&A experience and have successfully concluded over 500 transactions.

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Our Business

Is hiring a professional business broker important?  Our statistics clearly show that the average business owner receives approximately 18% more for their business when they hire a professional business broker as compared to attempting to sell their business on their own or with the use of their accountant or attorney.  In short, our job is to understand your business, as well as the current market trends.  By doing so, we can ensure that your business is maximized through proper market placement.  This is what we do every day, and we know we can help you as well!