How to do a Competitive Analysis of Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy

ContentTop Statistics on Entrepreneurs Using Affiliate MarketingThe Most Important Excel Formulas You Need to Know to Analyze DataRecommended member resources for Affiliate marketing analyticsImprove your Affiliate marketing analytics with our hub pageAffiliate Marketing Statistics Worth Discussing in 2021Get the latest affiliate news to your inboxCase study: What can we learn from the Green M&M? ARPU is one of the most important indicators if your affiliate business operates in the field of gambling. This KPI is used to determine the average revenue from users to the business. Analytics are great at determining your product demographics and target audience profile. Using data available publicly, you can study your audience and even the audience of your competitors. We’ve covered the basics of writing a good affiliate program description here, but turning theory into practice is not always easy. Reading your competitors’ descriptions can help you come up with … [Read more...]